Payday Loans

More stable cash flow with a payday loan

The cost of living is getting more and more expensive. Have a more stable cash flow with a payday loan. for further explanation

Many homes are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet, to fund large projects, or even to put money aside for the unexpected. Personal needs generally demand a high amount of money.

Unfortunately, income does not always provide for daily needs and does not allow savings. Thanks to the payday loan, financial institutions or banks give individuals the possibility of financing projects, making savings, without compromising the stability of the treasury.


What is the purpose of the payday loan for a more stable cash flow?

What is the purpose of the payday loan for a more stable cash flow?

For the time being, incomes are not always adapted to the increase in the cost of living and market prices. Households are therefore obliged to adapt their lifestyle and their daily expenses according to their income. But even if you do that, the money may still not be enough to support you. To save money, the return of money is simply insufficient. This is when it is advantageous to take out a payday loan.

When to take out a payday loan?

When to take out a payday loan?

Thanks to this type of loan, individuals can have the resources necessary to carry out a specific project. Once the credit application is accepted by the bank, the loan amount is paid in full to the borrower’s bank account. Thus, he can quickly realize his projects, while having the possibility of repaying the loan on a precise time margin. This reimbursement can be made over several months or over several years. This point is again very advantageous since the customer can repay over a long period.

You will therefore have the opportunity to save money. At the same time, the person who takes out the loan can finance specific projects, without affecting their daily budget. If you are facing a situation where payment for a large purchase is impossible, you should consider taking out a payday loan. Even better, the customer will have the possibility of having several loans or of making a credit grouping (that is to say, he can group all the personal credits in progress into a single credit). These alternatives allow for an even more flexible and easier to manage budget.

How to get a payday loan for a more stable cash?

How to get a payday loan for a more stable cash?

Like any loan, the payday loan requires the intervention of a few steps, which are, rest assured, not very restrictive. However, for your request to be accepted by the bank, the borrower must respect a few conditions and rules. In addition, he must meet exactly the profile required by the financial institution or the bank before being able to take advantage of the payday loan. These conditions are generally necessary to reassure the bank about your repayment capacity. By taking the plunge, you agree to repay the monthly payments on time. And under the conditions previously agreed with the lender.

Before even submitting your loan application files, you must define precisely the type of loan. Decide on the loan you will need for your project. Then, you must use online calculators to simulate the costs of your credit and also compare the loan offers offered by different financial organizations. It is only afterwards that you can choose the credit organization that suits you. Once your file is submitted, the bank will study your profile and your request. If you meet the necessary conditions, you will certainly get the loan.

Will people employed under civil law contracts have easier access to loans?

According to various statistics, four to five million citizens work on civil law contracts in Poland.

For the vast majority of them who do not have a classic employment contract (the so-called full-time contract), they are the only sources of income.

To this should be added the self-employed. According to CSO data, without including farmers, there are 1.15 million sole proprietorships on the market.

Civil law contract = no credit?


According to bankers, an employment contract is the only right contract. Of course, we are simplifying it a bit.

However, the secret of the Good Finance is the fact that, despite the declaration, working on a civil law contract for a loan, we have nothing to count on.

Banks’ requirements for people employed in this way are much higher than for those who have a celebrated employment contract.

The loan application will be accepted most often when our mandate contract has been in continuity for at least a year, and preferably with one and only employer.

It doesn’t matter that we can do several jobs for different people each month. The amount of earnings does not matter. If we earn USD 5,000 in one month, but nothing in the other (because, for example, the execution of orders is prolonged), then we are an incredible customer for banks.

Those who work on a contract of work may have even worse.


What else is a person employed under a contract of employment? Even with much lower earnings is a better customer. Although you may lose your day-to-day work like other people, full-time employment is a magic word that opens many gates.

Banks in this way limit the number of their potential customers themselves.

Not only those interested in loans. Simply, a customer who has once been cleared away is unlikely to be willing to set up an account in such an institution or entrust it with its savings on the deposit.

It would seem that in the face of such a high saturation of the labor market by civil law contracts, banks will be more open, but there is a lot to be missed.

The president wants to help but …


Politicians have noticed the problem. Recently, the President took the floor in this matter and said that the availability of loans for people working under civil law contracts is a matter of “very simple changes in the internal regulations of public finance supervision and transferring them to the practice of banks”.

Without new provisions in the form of a bill, the president asked the Good Finance Investment Corporation to deal with the issue of the availability of loans for self-employed people and those working under a specific task and commission contract.

Will something come of it? Can the actions of the president and the GFIC cause a wider opening of banks? The truth is that banks are independent institutions that are guided by their internal rules.

Bank employees themselves calculate the creditworthiness of their customers. No politician or official has any influence on how banks behave or how they will treat the credibility of people who want to use their services.

Theoretically, the Good Finance Investment Corporation could issue a new recommendation or change the existing provisions. Although banks are not obliged to comply with its provisions, they are “only” recommendations.

However, they have always taken them into account. It is worth recalling here, for example, the issue of mortgage loans in Swiss franc or withdrawing from offers deposits bypassing the Good Finance tax, even before the entry into force of the regulations that changed the rules for calculating interest on deposit accounts.

Credit for the holidays – is it worth it?

The actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) for the cash loan offer is 53.06%. Contract duration: 3 years, total loan amount: USD 2,000.00. The total cost of the liability paid in equal (annually) installments: USD 131.68, the total amount to be paid: USD 2,131.68. Repayment is in 36 equal (annuity) installments. The calculation was made on March 30, 2020, on a representative example.

Minimum and maximum repayment period: min. 3 months, max. 10 years
Maximum APRC: 120.28%

Christmas is an extraordinary time that requires an appropriate setting. We stand on our heads to plentifully set a festive table, beautifully decorate the apartment, and give our loved ones dream gifts. It costs everything.

When the account is empty, the first thing we think about is credit. We advise on what to look for when taking out a cash loan before Christmas, so as not to enter the new year with debts.

Cash loan for the holidays

Cash loan for the holidays

Cash loan allows you to quickly realize your dreams and plans. It is no wonder that it is this financial product that enjoys great interest every year before Christmas. However, you should remember that a cash loan for the holidays, like any other loan, comes at a cost and additional fees.

That is why it is so important to carefully analyze its costs when choosing a holiday cash loan. Cash loans for Christmas can save us from oppression and make Christmas truly magical, but it can also cause us financial trouble, the consequences of which we will feel shortly after Christmas.

How much do Poles spend on Christmas?

Every year, at the turn of November and December, research is conducted into how much we spend on organizing holidays. According to a report prepared by Delloite last year, each household spent about USD 1,168 on holiday shopping. It is 5.8 percent more than in 2017 and probably a few percents less than this year.

Christmas expenses are not only decorations, gifts and food, but also renovations that we want to finish “for the holidays”, as well as cosmetic treatments and new clothes, thanks to which we will be better presented at the Christmas table.

Who is a Christmas loan possible for?

Who is a Christmas loan possible for?

Cash loan for the holidays is an offer prepared for people whose budget is barely reached, which makes the organization of the star questionable, but at the same time for those who are absolutely convinced that when the holidays are over and life goes back to normal, they will not have problems paying back the loan.

Therefore, income plays a key role here. Holiday credit should be chosen by those with regular income. It is not a good idea for people with a low and irregular income to take out a loan, because then there is a fairly high risk that they will not be able to pay the debt on time.

Where can you find the most-favorable Christmas credit offers?

Where can you find the most-favorable Christmas credit offers?

Nothing prevents you from using money borrowed from a bank or loan company to make your Christmas dreams come true. However, it is important to do it wisely and read it carefully before signing the loan agreement.

It is best to start looking for a loan by looking at the bank’s offer in which we have an account. The offer prepared by our bank may be cheaper than the rest available on the market, and the waiting time for money much shorter. However, if our bank is not able to offer us a loan, it is worth reviewing the offers of other institutions.

A cash loan comparison tool will be helpful, which compiles the bank’s loan proposals for the indicated amount and repayment period, so you can easily and quickly compare which one is the most favorable from our point of view.

In the same way, you can put together proposals of loan companies. It will take only a few minutes, and thanks to that you can save a lot because the differences in the case of the cheapest and the most expensive option can be up to several hundred dollars.

How to take a Christmas loan responsibly?

The main thing is not to act hastily. Therefore, think about whether you really need a loan for the organization of holidays. If you think so, start looking for a favorable loan offer. Remember to pay special attention to such elements as:

  • Loan interest rate – defines the costs of interest on the requested amount of the loan.
  • Commission – a one – time fee added by the bank/loan company when the loan/loan is granted.
  • Preparation fee – usually required by loan companies. This is a fixed amount that must be paid in connection with the loan.
  • Loan insurance – more often banks, rarely non-bank institutions, require customers to take out loan/loan insurance.
  • Fee for postponing the repayment date – an extension of the repayment date specified in the contract is associated with an additional fee.
  • Actual Annual Interest Rate (APRC) – a parameter that takes into account the nominal interest rate and any additional charges (the lower the APRC, the cheaper the loan).

Beware of offers that at first glance are very attractive and admittedly have a low-interest rate, but whose additional costs are very high. Check and possibly ask about all additional costs and fees related to taking out the loan to avoid later unpleasant surprises.


Cash loans and credit rankings

Good Finance, Honest Bank and Fine Bank dominate the October cash loans and borrowings ranking.

Our analysis shows that it is in these banks that customers borrow cash in October 2015 on the most favorable terms. Regardless of whether they already have a personal account or not.

This month we asked the banks to present a cash loan offer for the amount of USD 5,000 net with repayment spread over 12 months. An example of a client is a family of three (parents plus a child) with earnings of USD 4,303 a month “on hand” from an employment contract of indefinite duration.

We asked to split the offer into two groups – for internal clients (with a personal account) and external clients (from this product in the bank – non-lenders). 17 banks responded to our survey. Which bank won the October cash loan ranking?

An offer for an internal customer

In the category of internal customers, we will take the most attractive cash loan in October 2015 at Good Finance . The total repayment amount will be USD 5 325 with a monthly installment of USD 443.75. At Good Finance, an internal customer will not pay a commission for the loan.

A customer of Honest Bank will pay little more during the lifetime of the loan. The total repayment amount for 12 months will be USD 5,385, with a nominal loan interest rate of 5% per annum and a one-time commission of 5%. The borrower’s budget will have to prepare for a monthly installment of USD 448.79.

Fine Bank’s loan was also on the podium. In turn, this bank offers a cash loan with no nominal interest rate. The costs are mainly due to a one-time commission of 9% of the financing provided. The customer will repay a total of USD 5,450 for one year in equal, monthly installments of USD 454.17.

Thrift Bank and Fast Bank also offer very similar credit terms in October.


October list of loans and cash loans for internal customers close Fine Bank, Thrift Bank, and Bank. The latter is the only one in which the total repayment amount exceeds USD 6,000 and the monthly installment is USD 500. This is the result of a nominal interest rate of 9.99% per annum and 13.99% one-time commission for granting the loan.

The best cash loan for an external customer

Interestingly, in the category of loans for customers without an account and not interested in setting it up, the first three rankings look the same as for the offer for internal customers.

The cheapest loans are at Good Finance, Honest Bank and at Fine Bank . Moreover, the loan terms do not change. Statement leader – Good Finance is ready to borrow USD 5,000 at 4.90% per annum, no commission. The external customer will have to return the same USD 5 325 as the internal customer.

Thrift Bank, which does not grant loans to external clients at all, falls out of the ranking. Eurobank with slightly worse credit terms is in the top five of this bank. The customer will have to return a total of USD 5,500 and the monthly installment will be USD 458.33.

At the bottom of the table, the shuffles are also cosmetic. Thrift Bank and Gbank are still the banks with the weakest cash loan offer in October 2015. At Thrift Bank, an external customer will pay a total of USD 31 more than a customer with an account. Fine Bank took the position of Fine Bank among the three weakest suppliers of loans and cash loans.

In October 2015, it’s best to go to Honest Bank or Good Finance. Very good conditions can also be found in Fine Bank and Fast Bank. This applies to both internal and external clients. Banks with a weaker credit offer in October 2015 include Thrift Bank and Gbank.

Loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary.


 A loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary is not easy to find, but a few credit options are possible. The article provides more information about credit options without Credit Bureau.

Loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary – the problem

Loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary - the problem

A loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary is problematic in several ways. There are loan offers in which the Credit Bureau is excluded on the capital market. Access to this loan option is provided through the service of a reputable credit broker. The use of such a loan is not cheap. The usual effective annual interest rate for the loan without Credit Bureau is comparable to the usual overdraft facility. Currently (as of September 30, 2013), a Credit Bureau-free loan costs between 11.61 percent and 11.62 percent APR.

The second problem that shows up alongside the high costs is securing credit. Outside of self-employment, loans without Credit Bureau are only secured via a proof of salary. In this case, the proven income must be assigned. Without proof of a secure income from an open-ended employment relationship, the loan search quickly ends up in a dead end.

Recognize risks when looking for a loan

Recognize risks when looking for a loan

The change of the credit intermediary is not very promising. Almost all reputable loan offers for Credit Bureau-free loans refer to the same loan provider from Liechtenstein. Offers that were found in large numbers before the financial crisis – from Ireland or Spain – have disappeared from the market across the board.

The European financial crisis and international political agreements have thinned the market for venture loans. The likelihood of going online with an unfair provider when looking for a loan is high. In the area of ‚Äč‚Äčlegal gray areas, a lot of stupid things are being pushed through credit advertising for extremely difficult credit situations.

Hidden preliminary costs must be expected in the contract or the general terms and conditions. You will also be due if the placement attempt is unsuccessful. It is really expensive to respond to the call for a call on an expensive service hotline. Another typical scam is selling an insurance or savings contract. Reputable credit brokers and the media can only appeal to postpone the loan search until the initial situation has improved.

A credit, no matter how the person concerned behaves, is guaranteed not to be given by “rip-offs”.

Escaping the credit crunch without proof of salary

Escaping the credit crunch without proof of salary

A loan without Credit Bureau and proof of salary is almost always sought out of a desperate financial situation. Nevertheless, not every credit crunch is a “real” emergency. If the loan is sought in an acute emergency, the need is demonstrable. An example of such a situation would be the urgently needed repair of the cooking facilities.

Families with young children in particular have at least legitimate credit hopes when they turn to charitable organizations. Churches and charities, but also some municipalities, have credit facilities available for cases of hardship. Repayments can be made in tolerably small installments. In addition, such emergency loans are always interest-free.

If the loan is sought without Credit Bureau and proof of salary for the rent deposit, the ARGE has ordered the move, the all-clear can be given. In this case, the consortium must grant the loan. It is interest-free and only has to be paid back after employment.

Credit for driver’s license despite Credit Bureau.


The credit for the driver’s license is possible despite Credit Bureau. Depending on the living situation, various sources can be used to finance driver’s license. Unfortunately, the loan request cannot always be implemented without problems and restrictions.

Credit for the driver’s license despite Credit Bureau – classic loan providers

Credit for the driver

The credit for the driver’s license, despite Credit Bureau, is not to be applied for at the house bank. All ordinary credit providers, including the usual direct providers from the Internet, are eliminated. A loan without Credit Bureau is primarily offered by specialist providers. The purpose of such a loan is not tied to a specific purpose. It can be used for the driver’s license as well as for checking account balancing or any other payment obligations

The special loan with Credit Bureau exclusion is advertised particularly by the credit brokerage industry. Direct suppliers who can do without Credit Bureau are only few on the market. In addition to the limited selection of reputable credit options, the loan without Credit Bureau 2013 is no longer comparable to the offers of the past. The USD crisis raised the legal requirements for lending by commercial providers across Europe. Nevertheless, Credit Bureau free loans still offer an opportunity for people who are considered unworthy of credit.

Restrictions on Credit Bureau free loans

Restrictions on Credit Bureau free loans

With the loan for the driver’s license, despite Credit Bureau, various restrictions have to be expected. The maximum amount of the loan is severely limited. On average, only around 3,500 USD are approved as a loan without Credit Bureau. The background of the credit limit is divided into two. On the one hand, the lender’s risk is to be limited. For the international community, the risks of credit defaults, which led to the USD crisis in 2008, are reduced. In addition, the loan can no longer be misused for money laundering without Credit Bureau as easily as it used to be.

Significantly higher loan amounts are now only granted as civil servant loans without Credit Bureau. The credit limit for civil servants is around 7,500 USD. Changes in the requirements for securing loans have also become increasingly common. On the one hand, this leads to an increase in the required collateral. On the other hand, a loan rejection can be expected much faster if the applicant is considered a risk. Loans without Credit Bureau, with active negative entries, decrease significantly. Good credit opportunities only exist with a high income and a completed entry.

Loan alternatives with negative Credit Bureau

Loan alternatives with negative Credit Bureau

A real loan without Credit Bureau is only possible with the aforementioned providers. Nevertheless, there are credit opportunities in which Credit Bureau rarely plays a role. It would be possible, for example, to negotiate partial payments with the driving school. Savings are made even before the class starts. In the course of the training, further partial payments are made. The rest has to be paid just before the exam.

The family could also be addressed. She knows the financial situation and can maybe help you with a small loan. The driver’s license is of great importance for the professional development opportunities. Especially from a position of unemployment, the driver’s license loan can lead to new job opportunities in the long term.

The credit for the driver’s license is possible despite Credit Bureau. But you shouldn’t try to force anything.

Instant loan without credit bureau without co-applicant.


The banks always offer new loan models that are tailored specifically to customers and their wishes and should therefore make a significant contribution to customer loyalty. Because in the meantime the market for loans has become so large and the selection for customers has become so confusing that only the bank with its offers, which is as close as possible to the customer’s request and which stands out with its offers, can survive.

Instant credit is currently in particularly high demand. It is applied for particularly quickly and is therefore quickly available for payment. Banks like to grant such loans, since they are usually small loans that have a good interest rate and for which the risk of default is also very low due to the relatively small loan amount.

But with all the courtesy and advertising of the banks, it should never be forgotten that the banks rely on security when granting loans. You don’t give away money, you just lend it. And this only to customers who have a good credit rating. An instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant is therefore not possible under normal circumstances.

Why an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant is not possible

Why an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant is not possible

With an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant, there are exactly two components that disrupt the banks. On the one hand, it is Credit Bureau’s missing query that always indicates negative entries. This means that the borrower has not been able to meet its payment obligations in the past and has therefore received a negative entry. For the bank, this means that the money could be seized from the loan or that the bank itself goes away empty-handed in the event of a possible seizure. And she will avoid that.

If you then want to do without a co-applicant, the second security for the bank is missing and it will not agree to the loan. In order to be able to take out an instant loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant despite all of this, you have to take a look across national borders.

The loan from Switzerland

The loan from Switzerland

Foreign banks are unable to query the data of the German Credit Bureau. This data is only available to German companies and is not passed on abroad. It is therefore possible to take out a loan abroad without Credit Bureau. This is particularly popular and often done in Switzerland. The Cream Banks have very special loan offers for foreign customers and grant a small loan of up to $ 3,500. All you have to do is prove an unlimited employment contract and a high income.

A co-applicant is usually also dispensed with, so that an immediate loan without Credit Bureau without a co-applicant would be possible in Switzerland. So that the loan can be processed and paid out immediately, you should either go directly to Switzerland or apply for the loan online. If, on the other hand, you choose the route through a credit broker, the payment will be delayed and the cost of the loan will increase, since the broker would also like to earn on the loan.

Credit without many questions – grab now!


A financial bottleneck can be a real nerve burden; sleepless nights included. Because again and again “ghost” numbers, bills, but also many, many questions in the mind of those affected. If you are no longer able to pay bills on time or in full due to financial problems, good advice is often expensive.

But especially in such a time it happens all too often that important purchases have to be made or expensive repairs have to be done. For example, the purchase of a new washing machine because the old one has finally given up its spirit or the investment in a new (used) vehicle in order to be able to cover the daily commute.

Getting a loan without asking a lot of questions can be difficult

Getting a loan without asking a lot of questions can be difficult

A loan without many questions would be the solution in such an emergency. The only problem is that it is particularly difficult for people with poor creditworthiness, negative Credit Bureau entries and so on to get a loan at all without many questions.

However, as experience has shown, those who have struggled with money problems up until now – perhaps even over a longer period of time – are particularly keen to take advantage of new opportunities and to meet their payment obligations in the future without restrictions. Nonetheless, it is still difficult to find loans that on the one hand end the financial hardship with an adequate sum and on the other hand are cheap and as flexible as possible.

The rescue in need – a loan without many questions

The rescue in need - a loan without many questions

Obtaining traditional loans at “normal” or even discounted terms is usually particularly difficult. Adequate alternatives are therefore required. In this context, it makes sense to ask for financial support in the family, friends or acquaintances, such as a private loan, a guarantee or the like. Even though such a project – asking for help on a private basis – is a step that is extremely difficult for most people in financial emergency situations.

Because as the saying goes: “Friendship often ends with money” However, in this context the world wide web offers some promising opportunities, for example, to obtain loans from private individuals. Nevertheless, investors also have the option of investing their money at an attractive interest rate on the relevant portals.

In addition, so-called Swiss loans as well as loans without Credit Bureau are enjoying increasing popularity. However, it is advisable to read the “small print” in advance. Because many of the providers are based abroad and are therefore difficult to grasp in the event of a problem.

Also, the loan terms are not (always) particularly attractive: high interest rates, overpriced administration fees – all this and more ultimately has to be borne by the borrower, who already has some serious financial problems. It is therefore worthwhile to have such offers checked by a trusted specialist before the contract is concluded.

Why come back with debts?

Enthusiasts of madness on white fluff are probably rubbing their hands – the ski season is getting closer! Don’t forget to buy the right professional equipment and accessories. You can’t save – bet on quality. If you decide on last year’s equipment, be sure to take it for maintenance. The specialist must take a look at them and repair them so that you can feel completely safe on the slopes.

Also, take care of your physical form. If you are sitting behind a desk every day and the gym is your enemy number one – be sure to sign up for training. You need to prepare your muscles for a specific effort so that after the first day of skiing you do not land in a sourdough hotel. Preparation, it’s best to start a few months or at least a month before your trip, it will definitely have a positive effect on the level of your performance on the slopes.

Why come back with debts?

Why come back with debts?

It is also important to book the appropriate transport, hotel or hostel. Do not hesitate until the last minute, lest it turns out that it is too late and all the best places have already been booked. If you have already chosen a destination, look around quickly for a place.

Insurers are increasingly preparing products tailored to special customer groups. This also happened for skiers who have the option of purchasing a policy that meets their needs. Insurance companies and companies offer extensive ski insurance packages. What parameters should you pay attention to and what to consider when buying?

First of all, take a look at the sum insured. There is no single ideal amount – it all depends, among others from the place where you are going. However, it should not be lower than USD 100,000. Staying in foreign resorts, we must take into account that the possible costs of hospitalization can reach up to tens of thousands of euros! A visit to a specialist can be equal to the cost of buying a new TV or a good smartphone.

Being aware that we have spent (small!)

Being aware that we have spent (small!)

Money to buy such a package, we will certainly skip without any worries. Medical expenses include doctor visits, hospital stays, or procedures or surgeries. Rescue costs are the cost of transport by sleigh, helicopter, toboggan or motorboat, and all expenses related to the search. Accident insurance provides compensation for damage to health. Its amount is calculated as a specific percentage of the sum insured. The civil liability policy, i.e. civil liability, guarantees coverage of compensation costs to third parties.

If we happen to damage someone’s property, we can be calm, because our insurer will take care of it. Luggage and equipment insurance protects our property against theft and damage as a result of an accident. The exact terms and conditions of a given insurance company can be found in the GTC, i.e. the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance.

Each insurer sets different rules and rules for granting compensation


It is also worth talking to an advisor who will adapt the product to our needs. It’s not worth risking and going skiing without insurance. A properly selected policy will help us in many situations – starting with losing luggage or equipment, and ending with a serious accident on the slopes.

The costs of assistance and hospitalization in Western countries can be enormous! So better compare insurance offers and decide on the package that is right for you.